and thank you for visiting my site. I am an active photographer living in Harrogate and member of the town’s photographic Society and Gamma Photoforum.

I work a lot locally and co-ordinated the society’s project to photograph Harrogate throughout 2009. Fortunately there are many excellent locations in North Yorkshire. I try always to take a camera with me when out, including city break holidays, which have provided many of my favourite images. Wherever possible, I try to create images in my own style which convey an emotion, idea or sense of time and place. Over the last few years I have become more interested in taking images involving people; on the street, at events or on the sports field. This is reflected by the galleries on Street Photography, Western, Leeds Carnival and sport.

More recently I have increasingly been working on projects rather than taking a series of random images. The last 2 were the Washburn Vally and the excellent Harrogate Ladies Rugby Team. Both projects resuled in books.

I have added a gallery of images taken very locally during Lockdown

Please feel free to comment on the site content or contact me if you are interested in purchasing any photos. I also have 3 talks which have been show at a number of clubs.